It is visible, black on white, how a membership cycle changes in both negative and positive directions. Mads Anker Holt Sørensen, senior consultant in Altinget and Mandag Morgen Arena, tells in this interview how one can maintain network members med NPS.
It has become popular to commit to a professionally conducted network and the competition is rough among the many network suppliers. That is why it is important to differentiate oneself and create the highest degree of professionalism and the most requested member experiences.


  • Altinget is a pay-to-read online newspaper.
  • Founded in 2000. Editor Rasmus Nielsen
  • Altinget is an independent political niche media
  • In 2016 Altinget established the department Arena, which arranges networking groups, conferences and courses
  • In 2017 Altinget bought Mandag Morgen
  • Mandag Morgen Arena was established as a network under the Mandag Morgen brand
  • Altinget Arena and Mandag Morgen Arena offer more than 50 professional networking groups, conferences and courses.


Altinget and Mandag Morgen Arena have long ago figured out that it is good business to know one’s members and their needs when creating loyal members that resigns their memberships.

Besides being two media houses that writes about politics and society, Altinget and Mandag Morgen are also professional networks in the Arena department, where NPS (Net Promoter Score) is being used to improve their member’s experiences and professional gains from the networks.

It all started with Mads Anker Holt Sørensen, who is a Senior consultant and works with customer loyalty and NPS at Altinget, spotting the advantages of using Net Promoter Score. In his view, NPS was an easy and user-friendly method of receiving feedback from the members continuously.

Before, the members were only asked about their opinion once a year and the response rate was much lower than what it is now, after they have introduces NPS.


  • Lack of ongoing insights in the member’s experiences and satisfaction
  • Lack of specific feedback and data on the satisfaction on the individual networks
  • Lack of knowledge to what actions that would create loyal members

Arena wanted to increase the loyalty on existing members – instead of solely using resources on attracting new.
At the same time, new insights into members should contribute to improving their products and create more membership focused sales and marketing activities that could attract new and relevant members.


“The NPS method is super intuitive, it is user friendly and we have a high response rate” Mads Anker quickly states and tells: “We receive exactly the feedback that we need because the method askes directly about the essence of the member’s experience.

NPS is not a bunch of prejudiced questions like other types of surveys.

“With NPS the member responds to two questions that takes only a few minutes, instead of having to spend half an hour on responding to twenty questions that does not hit the core of the members’ feedback. So beside being easy for the member to, time is also a perspective that is contributing to the high response rate”, Mads Anker says.


Mads Anker tells that before they began conducting surveys on membership experiences with NPS, they were acting solely on statements from their network leaders when they had to adjust the content and the gains of the members on the networking meetings as well as annual feedback.

The problem was that that the network leaders stated their own experiences which was not necessarily in accordance with the members’ experiences.

The problem was that we only saw the experience from one point of view at that was not the most important one.

With the NPS method Arena put the members first and through the NPS question we had an insight in the values and gains the network gave each member. “And we became surprised”, Mads Anker tells and continues:

“We did not keep up with the member’s experiences but the data that we were now beginning to receive gave us a real opportunity to adjust the professional gain and know we can continuously optimize and maintain how we crease networks.


Despite moving the membership experience in the right direction, Mads Anker also sees the NPS tool as a help to establish KPI’s to survey the loyalty and prepare us on our customers resigning their memberships.

“it is as clear as the sky how a membership cycle changes positively as well as negatively and that provides us with a real update on the situation that we are currently in. and that we need to act on immediately.

Our NPS score changes ongoingly and therefore we cannot keep up with, if the actions that we initiate make sense to our members or not. The many responses alone give us a reason to continue conducting surveys with NPS – they state that our members would actually like to be questioned in that way – and state their opinion.

We have come to the essence of what our members would like to be asked about and have changed, and we have achieved that thanks to the NPS method” Anker finishes.

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