“We come from a strategy that was introverted to now having and extroverted focus on the customers” CEO of Service Operations at Columbus, Esben Christensen, says.

The top management and the employees were together in defining the new 2020 strategy of Columbus, where customer success became one of four initiatives.

“It was obvious to include this initiative as we wanted to increase our focus on customers, and it was also natural regarding the competition. Everybody focuses on it”

A decisive element of the Customer Service initiative was customer loyalty and now Columbus had to find the right approach and method to solve it.
Columbus has helped their clients for 25 years, in 11 countries, to become stronger digitally by making sure that the companies realize the full value of their ERP systems. With more than 3600 clients globally, it was important to select a method for to survey their client’s loyalty that was easy to analyse and that could be used in all countries.

“Most important was that we did not want to risk sending something to the clients without knowing what to do with the respond afterwards. That might be the worst that could happen to us Two things were essential for us to have fulfilled. We wanted an external tool that had to be adopted equally be all the countries and we wanted a method where we bothered our client as little as possible but for the biggest yield off course.

The choice was not difficult

Simple, easy and be using just one question. These were the reasons for Columbus to choose the Net Promoter Score to survey customer loyalty. De made a collaboration with NPS.Today who has developed a platform to administrate the whole process from start to finish.

“Together with NPS.Today we initially ran a pilot in one country. Throughout 2016 all countries joined the platform and we were fully operational from early 2017.” Esben Christensen says.

At Columbus they now ask their clients just one question four times a year.

“The question is simple really; What is the probability that you will recommend Columbus to a colleague or a friend? Then the customer has to rate on a scale from 0-10 and after that the really precious element steps in. The customer has the opportunity to elaborate on their response.

Columbus is getting loads of relevant dialogue with the customers

Esben Christensen makes it clear that it can never just be about the NPS score itself.

”Det handler om den proces, vi “It is about the process we can use the NPS method in, the elements that we gain from engaging in dialogue with our customers”

Esben Christensen states as some of the most important things that NPS has contributed with.

“NPS provides loads of opportunities for dialogue with the clients when we follow up on their responses.”

At Columbus they have a large focus on working with customer loyalty and every single client response is being followed up on by an Account Manager calling the customer and engage dialogue based on the response.
Thats why NPS is also fully integrated in Columbus’ Dynamics CRM system so that all employees can see the NPS score and the client response directly in the systems that they use on a daily basis. The system also helps both employee and managers in securing the critical follow up.

“During the previous year we have improved significantly by rating just slightly negative on the NPS score to now rating a double digit positive NPS score.”

Esben Christensen says and continues:

“But for us it is not about the NPS figure itself, it is about the dialogue we can start with our clients based on the NPS method. A country that has a negative NPS score, but improves because they are talking to their clients, is better than a country with a positive score that does not improve further.”

Esben Christensen establishes and finally adds:

“What we have accomplished with the NPS method and our rigorous follow up on all our clients has influences our way of talking about customer loyalty completely.”

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