Customer Loyalty – The key to increased turnover and earnings

Customer drop-out rate is a problem in many organizations. Even though many companies believe that they have a solid and thought through focus on customer loyalty, it is still not always the case that they have initiated the programs with the right tools and resources. That is why the work with the organization’s loyal customers often ends up as a forgotten report and without the customer responsible employees have taken ownership of that important task and for the organization’s raison d’etre.


Customer loyalty has many definitions. However, the most important is that you scrutinize the importance of customer loyalty to your business and for your customers. Ask yourselves how you, as a company, define loyal customers and how a loyal customer defines you, and furthermore, how these customers are affecting the optimization of your sales and your business in total. Some believe that a loyal customer is a customer that purchases a product or that supports a brand more than once. Others believe that that the loyalty also resides in recommending a product or a service, and thereby in our behavior as consumers. Overall, we can define a loyal customer as a customer that regularly interacts with your product or your service. Loyal customers stay around longer in shops or attract other potential customers. Their positive attitude towards your company is thereby generating profit for free. It has to be enhanced though, that a customer that stays around because it is too expensive to change to a competitor, is not necessarily loyal to your company. The loyalty lies within the positive attitude and the desire to recommend your organisation.


The argument about the profitability in having satisfied and loyal customers makes sense when talking about their expenditures that companies have when maintaining or recruiting new customers. Maintaining and nurturing existing customers is far more profitable than constantly having to chase new customers. There is then, a clear connection between customer loyalty and a healthy business. Consumers are furthermore most affectable towards how their friends and family rate and think about a product. Customers that mentions your product positively and enhances that to their friends are good ambassadors for the organization. It therefore pays off to work with loyal customers with the purpose of creating good ambassadors. The advantage of having ambassadors is furthermore that they are more likely to tell you what you are doing well and what you should do better. The communication between your organization and your customer improves, and that improvement in communication and dialogue can be initiated with the NPS-method.


Net Promoter Score makes your intentions about customer loyalty measurable. It is an efficient method to measure your loyal customers and create a quick overview of what parameters you need to adjust to improve the experience for your customers. NPS also does something that other methods do not. When you send out a questionnaire, you are taking the temperature on the present and the customers’ need, and future situations will not be taken into consideration. This prevent you from working proactively with creating loyal customers. The NPS-method excels in that you will see your customers responses in real time and are able to react and engage into dialogue immediately, while still creating a foundation through insights for your future loyalty creating activities.


At NPS.Today we have a loyalty program that is all about listening to the customer and their immediate attitude towards your company. When you listen, it creates the foundation for relevant dialogue – both for the customer and the company. Bearing in mind that it is the customer that drives your business, listening creates good intentions, which your customers will detect. Your customers are asked one question and they reply with one comment. Thereby you do not bother the customer with irrelevant time-consuming questions. The customer responds based on their own experiences and gives you the insights you need to generate additional sales and great experiences – and loyal customers to your business. An overshadowing advantage with our product is also that it is simple to understand and implement. This goes for the overall strategy in the organization because you can establish tangible KPI’s with your NPS data. Furthermore, it is easy for the employees to integrate NPS into their work and create focus on customer loyalty across departments and areas of responsibility.

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