Integrated directly into your current IT-systems

Easily integrate NPS and P-GAP into your company’s existing systems with our plug & play.


Get closer to your customers and train your service personnel.


Simple setup and send out of surveys to measure both NPS, CSAT, and CES.

Omnichannel surveys

Measure across all channels such as e-mail, text messages, website, newsletter, in-app, or tailored solutions.


Automatically send surveys in different touchpoints with your company.


Set up rules for timely survey send, so your customers do not experience the surveys as spam.

Reason mapping

Make it easier to categorize responses by letting customers specify what their feedback is regarding, based on predefined topics.

Visualize feedback

Use the system’s own dashboards, which are displayed directly in the employees’ systems and provide an overview of the individual customer.

NPS Coach

NPS coach is included in all subscriptions.