“We cannot just sit in here and think we know what happens out there.”

Jørli Birk, Business Unit Director in the biggest professional network in Denmark, EGN Network Denmark, in this interview tells about how EGN works operationally with NPS to maintain members.


EGN wanted more specific insight in why some members left the network and thereafter what actions could be made to keep the members for longer.
The solution became to increase the knowledge about their members and maintain the members through Net Promoter Score. EGN chose the NPS method because it is upmost user-friendly both for the customer minded employees and the for members.

“With NPS.Today we have a solution that is true to the original NPS method which means that one just has to ask one question followed up by one other question depending on what score has been given. Even though we only ask two questions we receive both the data we need to adjust the member experience and also we have a really operational and effective solution”,

Jørli tells and continues:

“The advantage is that you, with the NPS.Today method, quickly get an overview of your data with the help of the dashboards that they made for us This means that we can act before it is too late. This we can do because we can keep track of all the incoming responses and ongoingly see, what NPS score our members reward us.
At the same time, the dashboards display the total number of detractors, passives and promoters which grant us an overview of our total NPS score and how changes both positively and negatively”.

EGN today primarily works with detractors, which are those who score low between 0-6, but in the future, they will also lift passives, that score 7 or 8, to promoters that rewards the highest score of 9-10.

“As soon as they respond our NPS question we can see if we should react immediately and which elements regarding their membership that we should change. After all, it is their opinion and their experiences that matters the most.” Jørli says.


It is not only for the members, that the NPS.Today solution makes a big difference and enhances the dialogue. The employees are also feeling closer to, and more knowledgeable, about who their members are and what needs they have when they enter a network or want to develop further through an existing network.
The employees at EGN can follow the member’s NPS responses on a big screen right next to their coffee where the responses are ongoingly submitted and the insights in the NPS data thereby becomes tangible and comprehendible for all employees.

“We cannot just sit in here and think we know what happens out there, we have to use specific feedback and data. Internally it is a really great tool that is simple to use and to decode. Our employees are happy about the NPS tool both because it provides us with valuable knowledge and because it is simple and easy to use in practice. This goes for both the network manage, who are in dialogue with the members, and for the retention department that work with maintaining members.” Jørli says.

“it is so easy that I could do it blindfolded.”

Tina Heinze, Advisor, EGN Network Denmark

It has now become clear, visible and approachable both for the network manager and for retention to act based on specific tendencies in EGN’s NPS surveys. . For example, they now know the correlation between members discontinuing their membership and the NPS score and has now, in a very brief time, reached the point where they can avoid members discontinuing.

With the help of the NPS method they have created a dialogue and insight into the individual members status and level of satisfaction which gives them the opportunity to respond both earlier and faster.
NPS is integrated across EGN’s organization in Denmark and in other membership countries and NPS has furthermore become a KPI and a part of their strategical focus that the top management has prioritized.
“NPS has become an important part of the top management’s mindset”, Jørli tells and refers to that, when the top management leads the way that will create a fullhearted effort for the member focus to become an integrated part of the business.


“NPS.Today has put up trigger (E-mail alarms) for us that gives us an opportunity to proactively engage in a dialogue with the individual member – right away and earlier than previously. If a member gives us a low score we are automatically notified via e-mail and then it does not take long before we contact the member”, Jørli tells.

EGN has found that they gain the most by using NPS straight after the member’s first meeting and after the onboarding meeting, which is an introduction to the EGN universe. After the first meeting, they sent out an NPS survey, a transactional survey, to secure that the member has its’ needs and expectations met from the beginning.
And it can pay off to survey quickly as they have changed the content of some of the meetings due to the NPS-responses Besides transactional surveys, they also conduct relational surveys twice a year.

“The relational surveys provides us with an overall picture of how our members rate our brand and service”, Jørli tells and finishes off by saying: “By using the NPS.Today solution we have gotten rid of long complex reports and now use our NPS data that depicts the right world view in real time.”

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