About NPS.Today

Pioneers of operational NPS

Building customer loyalty based on great customer experience is nothing new. But when NPS came along, organizations got a simple, proven and effective method to measure customer experience and understand how to execute on feedback.

But a great method needs a great tool. NPS.Today is that dedicated tool that makes you implement a successful customer experience program.

NPS.Today takes theory and method into a real-life operational NPS based solution, fully integrated into your customer systems, processes, touchpoints and transactions. We make you “Ignite your Customer Loyalty”.

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We make it really easy

Our mission is to help you making it as easy a possible to implement your customer experience program with real value and measurable results.

We develop our solution with these four priorities:

  1. It must be simple and easy to use
  2. It must be automated and effective
  3. It must be easy to implement
  4. It must change your business

Coaching for success

We are a Software as a Service company. But even with a dedicated plug-and-play solution, successful customer experience programs do not happen automatically.

This is why all NPS.Today subscriptions include a dedicated NPS Coach. Your NPS Coach will help you getting a great start and extend your NPS program across relevant touchpoints in your customer lifecycle.

Our vision is to the preferred NPS vendor, providing both the leading platform as well as solutions and coaching to make it really easy to implement in exactly your particular business.


Meet the team


Director and Partner

Flemming is Director and Partner in NPS.Today. Flemming is responsible for the daily operations of the company and, most importantly, the customers. He has lots of experience from working with customer loyalty and NPS during 10 years at Microsoft as a Customer Service and Support Manager.

Mobile: +45 53 70 72 02
[email protected]



Chief Commercial Officer

Peter is Sales Manager and partner in NPS.Today. He has many years of experience with business development, marketing and sales. He has be working with Customer Relationship Management and the entire customer journey at both Microsoft and Salesforce.


Marketing Manager

Helle is Marketing Manager at NPS.Today and responsible for the planning and execution of Marketing campaigns and events online and offline. Helle has a solid experience with Marketing and customer loyalty programs from international IT companies.



Lead Developer

Hazem is Software Developer at NPS.Today, and is responsible for both front- and backend development. Hazem have extensive knowledge and great passion for the newest development tools and focuses on delivering functionality and quality every time.


Sales Manager

Lasse is Sales Manager at NPS.Today  and is a ambitious young man who is very compassionate about customer focus and NPS. Alongside his career in Sales Lasse has finished a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing Management) at Copenhagen Business School.

Mobile: +45 53 78 70 72
[email protected]



NPS Coach

Asbjørn is NPS Coach at NPS.Today and works with customer support and account management. Asbjørn is focusing on the customer and has great experience with NPS from his previous work in the logistic industry. Besides that, Asbjørn is a supporting link between marketing and operation.



Morten is co-founder at NPS.Today. He takes great pride in working with the developments of the company and the product and is an active force in the daily sales initiatives. He is also the CEO at Moment A/S, where Net Promoter Score is one of the most important management tools.




Thomas is co-founder and partner at NPS.Today and is COO at Moment A/S. Thomas have a lot of experience with Net Promoter Score and proactive improvements to increase customer loyalty among new and existing customers.