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Moment A/S
“Previously we only made improvements based on assumptions”

Sara Vinding, Operations Director, Moment A/S

Sara Vinding, Operations Director at Moment A/S, has been involved since the start in 2010 when it was decided to implement Net Promoter Score (NPS) at the Copenhagen. Moment thus became….

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NPS.Today - SATS kunde case
“Our new COO gave me a leaflet about NPS, that was all it took for it to begin.”

Julie Fick, Campaign Consultant, SATS
Christopher Gude, Business Analyst, SATS

There is no doubt that Julie Fick and Christopher Gude’s autumn has been busy. They have, in collaboration with their colleagues at SATS’s headquarters in Copenhagen….

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“The big difference is that we now talk about it!”

Esben Christensen, Service Operations Director, Columbus Global

Customer Success became an important part of Columbus’ 2020 strategy which resulted in the implementation of customer loyalty programs in 11 countries. “Previously we followed….

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