Insights are the best sales tool

“The value of integrating surveys across the entire customer journey in our CRM system, became clear right from the start. And in addition, our sales process has been significantly strengthened”. Glenn Rossen, Sales Director

Glenn Rossen, Sales director, ComplyCloud

NPS.Today for Salesforce was the starting point for ComplyCloud’s work to automate and improve the customer journey.

Now the legal-tech company has their customer data available in one place and can work operationally across the entire customer journey. In addition to insights into customer loyalty, it also provides vital knowledge about buying readiness.


• ComplyCloud has built a Software-as-a-Service solution that automates GDPR operations in private companies and public institutions and makes it easy for them to stay and remain GDPR compliant

They also offer legal expertise in personal data and GDPR compliance, IT legal issues and digitization

ComplyCloud currently uses a Salesforce NPS plugin solution in their CRM System

First step towards success

“Our core business is based on subscription sales and is dependent on customer trust. It is therefore essential that we understand customers’ opinions about our services and not least their loyalty to our company. In 2020, we decided to strengthen the way we protect our subscription business – combined with the fact that we would like to work even more professionally with the customer journey.”

“With all data, including NPS, available in one place in Salesforce, we now have access to important knowledge that we can act on immediately,” Glenn Rossen explains.

Webinars made the avalanche of insight roll

“When the Corona arrived in March, we decided to go 100% digital and hold webinars every week. It turned out to be the very best way to enter dialogue with our customers. Each webinar was and still is followed by an NPS survey, so the more webinars, the more NPS surveys. The insights we gain give us a much greater understanding of our customers’ needs and are good benchmarks in relation to the direction in which we must develop. We can almost organize the next webinar based on the answers we receive from the participants when they ask. knowledge of e.g. consent, deletion and Schrems II”, says Glenn. He adds that the value these insights provide cannot be overstated. This is the key to strengthening both sales and communication with customers.

The digital thread between sales & marketing

The NPS surveys provide important clues about the increasingly digital interaction with customers. But they also provide knowledge about when a lead is ready to buy and how to cut the sales process.

“We are in full swing to define the entire customer journey and get NPS surveys across all the touch points, where we want a greater understanding of our customers’ experiences, needs and wishes. In this way, NPS becomes an integral part of the customer journey.”

The next step will be in collaboration with NPS.Today to power the broadcasts, via integration with Pardot, which is Salesforces’ marketing automation tool. With an embedded NPS solution for Pardot, ComplyCloud can now do fully automatic measuring of NPS as part of the marketing-flows they build in Pardot.

“You could say that where we used to ride in a horse-drawn carriage and contacted a customer when the subscription period was about to expire, we are now driving in a Tesla and can act on a survey, almost faster than you can say GDPR”, Glenn concludes.

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