Integrated NPS

A real operational loyalty program

  • Do you believe that great customer experience will drive more sales and more profits?
  • Does it make sense that customer facing employees have easy access to customer feedback?
  • Should customer feedback drive your actions?
  • Would you like your actions to be targeted based on customer data?
  • Should your loyalty program be part of your customer relationship management?

Why introduce a separate “CRM” system to handle loyalty if you already have a CRM system?

Benefits of full NPS in your CRM solution

The most successful and customer focused organizations go all the way and makes loyalty part of customer systems and processes?

The benefits are huge:

  • Insight – all customer facing employees can see and act on customer satisfaction and feedback
  • Automation – work smarter, trigger timely surveys and create actions based on rules and CRM data
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Easy integration to customer systems

NPS.Today provide both full NPS plug-in solutions and easy connectivity to your customer systems – it’s never been easier:

  • Full Plug-in’s for major systems
  • API integration to all systems
  • Microsoft Flow connections
  • NPS.Today webhooks

Plug-ins for CRM

Plug your NPS-engine directly into your CRM system. NPS.Today currently provide ready-to-install full NPS plug-in’s for:

  • Dynamics 365
  • Salesforce
  • SuperOffice

More plug-in’s to come soon – ask an NPS.Today advisor.

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NPS.Today - plug-in features

Connect NPS to all your systems

For complete customer experience insight and full program automation you may need to connect to many systems – NPS.Today makes it easy:

  • Trigger NPS surveys from portals, CRM, customer care, ERP etc.
  • Notify employees in your collaboration platform
  • Make NPS data visible in all customer engagement systems
  • Take actions from relevant systems
  • Explore data in your BI solution

Check your connections, ask an NPS.Today advisor.

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Why build it yourself if it’s already there?