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NPS.Today FOR Salesforce

Omni channel NPS platform for Salesforce

NPS.Today is a fully integrated NPS solution for Salesforce. Handle your customer loyalty across sales, service and marketing, with no manual processes, no unnecessary shifts between systems, and no large scale IT projects. Make automated satisfaction surveys, get an overview of your customers’ experiences and take action based on the customer’s NPS rating, the same day you decide to buy.

Example: NPS on Account level

Key features


Send out surveys in your own design, to individuals or groups of contacts, directly from Salesforce
Enable automatic NPS surveys based on triggers with the Salesforce process builder
Send out surveys through all your relevant channels, such as e-mail, text message, on your website, web-shop, newsletter etc.


See NPS results on both contact and account level in Salesforce
Use NPS dashboards to analyze where you should take action first, and create positive change for your customers
Combine NPS surveys with your other customer data in your CRM or other systems


Enable alarms for swift action and follow up on selected respondents
Use categorization or AI to identify your burning platforms and see areas of improvement
Integrate NPS in your daily IT tools, such as Office 365, Outlook and Teams


With our solution, measuring the loyalty of your customers becomes a natural part of daily work routines. NPS is not only a measurement, but also an effective dialogue tool in all phases of the customer journey.

The method creates useful feedback during the collaboration with both potential, new and existing customers, and provides answers to questions you had never dreamed of asking. Use customer feedback to increase sales, optimize the buying experience and retain dissatisfied customers who may be on their way out. That is what we call operational NPS.

Automate with Process Builder

With the Process Builder in Salesforce, you have the opportunity to fully automate your surveys. Automate surveys by, for example, closing a case or winning sales. You can also set up automated processes based on incoming NPS responses to ensure timely follow-up on both negative and positive customer feedback.


The solution is ready for use right away and requires no major IT projects to get started. The solution comes with a ready-made standard setup, but is easy to adapt to your company’s specific work flows.

Do you need good advice or further help with setting up NPS, data analysis, etc. All our NPS.Today subscribers have their own permanent NPS Coach affiliated.

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