“Before we made improvements based on assumptions and not on knowledge”

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Sara Vinding, Operations Director at Moment A/S, has been involved since the start in 2010 when it was decided to implement Net Promoter Score (NPS) at the Copenhagen.

Moment thus became a Danish frontrunner in the use of the American method, which measures customers loyalty with just two questions.

In 2010 NPS became a part of Moment’s vision, knowing that the likelihood of company growth would increase in line with customer loyalty.

“We just didn’t know loyal our customers really were”, says Sara Vinding and continues: “Before we made improvements based on assumptions and not on knowledge”.

“To start we were skeptical to only include two questions in our customer surveys, as we could no longer ask specific questions with NPS. And could we even handle all the answers we would get?

Sara Vinding swiftly adds: ”However it quickly turned out that my skepticism was unnecessary and that the input from the customers provided great insights”.

Opening for dialogue

The first three years Moment worked with NPS them self, but in 2015 NPS.Today became their supplier. “Their platform is incredibly easy and intuitive, which means that both our time and overview have been optimized with the solution”, says Sara Vinding and adds:

“We at least halved our time consumption and got access to instant data directly in our CRM system, which means are able to act immediately”.

Now, eight years after the implementation of NPS, customers of Moment are asked the NPS question every six months – whether they would like to recommend Moment to others – and the score has gone from 26 to 52 on a 100-point scale.

Of course, we are proud of the NPS score at Moment, which is significantly higher than the competitors, but it’s especially the customers comments that provide good opportunities of action.

>> ”We can act on the right things and we can allow us to start a dialogue with our customers”

An incredible management tool

The customers responses and the following dialogue have led to many concrete initiatives at Moment, all of which have been designed to improve customer experience.

“We have, among other things, made our invoices more manageable, improved our  and changed our opening hours. We have even involved customers in workshops to discuss solutions”, smiles Sara Vinding.

Based on the work with NPS at Moment concrete initiatives have also been made internally. “Consultants and sales have got a closer collaboration and an understanding of each other’s work that they didn’t have before. This has resulted in a better delivery experience”.

“Also, NPS is an incredible management tool”, says Sara Vinding and ends: “We can now prioritize actions much easier and act faster. We understand the customers much more profound now”.

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