NPS in use

Your NPS programs

To get full benefit of your loyalty program, you should focus on three different programs:

  1. Your overall NPS program and score
  2. Your customer experience NPS program
  3. Your customer focused NPS program

Your overall NPS program is your clean customer loyalty NPS KPI, based on only the relationship surveys. This should never be mixed up in other surveys and never measured in a transaction.

Your customer experience NPS program is measured across customer life cycle and touchpoints/transactions with due timing and relevance to customer and never too often.

In your customer focused NPS program (Customer Pulse) you make sure NPS responses is visible to all customer facing employees, to be able to act. For Account Managers NPS responses will serve as ideal basis for both strategic and tactic account and opportunity plans.


Real operational NPS

Many organisations still execute a customer loyalty program as a yearly survey. Often with many specific questions and in worst case with NPS just as an added question.

Customer surveys and operational loyalty is hard or in most cases impossible to combine.

Your operational loyalty program should be driven by a customer experience radar, measuring across customer experience and switched on all the time.

This way your loyalty program comes alive and relevant all the time and not just occasionally.

NPS best practises

When to ask

The opportunities to learn more about your customers experiences and preferences and to engage based on real customer feedback are almost unlimited.

Many organisations still only measure the customer relation once a year, and maybe satisfaction after customer service and that’s it.

Objective customer feedback in the relation and in relevant transactions across customer lifecycle is your short cut to tactical customer engagement across sales, delivery and service.

How our customers use NPS.Today

How to ask

If you want true NPS, you must ask “how likely are you to recommend”. But at NPS.Today we are not religious but pragmatic and focused on relevant use cases.

To get the feedback you need in specific transactions, you will need to consider how to phrase your question. Your NPS Coach will help you with examples.

You should of course both consider what to ask, when to ask and in what relevant channel to ask.

Read more on how to

Need to know more?

Most NPS users find they get more information by asking less questions. Customers are often happy to share their objective and top-of-mind feedback, if you keep your survey to clean NPS.

If you need to collect more data, you should keep it short and precise. This way you can ask more often in more transactions instead of asking several questions in one survey.

You should not mix specific or analytical responses into your operational NPS.

Use the relevant channel

NPS.Today offer multichannel NPS to support surveys in all relevant transactions and channels.

If you need feedback on your website experience, eCommerce, your newsletter or your app, you should embed the question right there in the channel.

For some customers a survey via SMS or email may work best, whilst some may prefer to respond through other channels. You should offer your customers the opportunity to share their feedback in relevant channels.

If you want to survey customers you don’t know, you could use in store devices or include a QR code added to a psychical product.

Insights you never thought of

The NPS method is unique. Primarily, because you don’t ask lots of specific questions, giving customers a fair chance to give their top of mind and prioritized feedback.

Imagine the live dashboard of your dreams, where you can monitor customer experience across both the customer journey, across your teams and in the overall customer relation.

NPS measures across the entire customer journey, you can also coach and educate, based on NPS scores for the individual employee including account managers, project managers, agents etc.

The complete NPS flow


Why NPS.Today

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