By ordering services and/or application of software at NPS.Today ApS, the NPS.Today customer (“the Customer”) accepts the current general terms.

NPS.Today ApS
Vester Farimagsgade 15
1606 København V
E-mail: info@nps.today.dk
VAT: 36464917

1. General terms

1.1 The service
NPS.Today has developed software, which easily measures customer loyalty by the Net Promoter Score (“NPS”) method.

1.2 Changes to the general terms
NPS.Today is at any time entitled to change the terms and conditions with a notice of 1 month. By renewing the Customers subscription, the terms and conditions at the time of renewal applies. The Customer must at all time keep themselves updated on the latest terms and conditions on NPS.Today’s webpage.

1.3 Transfer
The Customer may not without prior written consent by NPS.Today fully or partial transfer obligations or rights to any third parties. NPS.Today are entitled to freely transfer its obligations and rights to third parties and to freely use subcontractors and other partners.

2. Rights

2.1 The website and software
All rights to all material presented on NPS.Today’s website, software or other matters concerning the of NPS.Today developed NPS system belongs to NPS.Today or NPS.Today’s suppliers.
This includes source codes, designs, texts, features, functionality and overall impression. The Customer has no right to such material, unless in accordance with these terms and conditions. The Customer similarly has no right to any further developments that may have been developed in a corporation between the Customer and NPS.Today, as they automatically belong to NPS.Today.

2.2 Right to use
By using NPS.Today’s website, software or other matters concerning the of NPS.Today developed NPS system, the Customer only achieves a right to use applicable only in the agreed subscription period.

2.3 Data collection
In order to create the optimal user experience on the platform, NPS.Today collects continuous information about the Customer’s data and user behaviour, when the Customer uses NPS.Today’s website, software or products and apps, accessible via NPS.Today’s platform. This data collection is anonymous and used only to optimize the services and layout of the software, including statistical analysis of the collected data.

2.4 Update
In case of updates to the software or equipment, NPS.Today entertains the right to disable access for a limited time, which typically will be done when fewest possible customers will be affected by it. Such shutdowns will not entitle the Customer to any compensation.

3. Price and subscription periods 

3.1 Price and VAT
All prices are net prices in EURO excl. VAT. NPS.Today reserves the right to regulate prices with effect on future subscription periods and shall not be liable for any printing errors.

3.2 Terms of payment
Terms of payment are 8 day net after NPS.Today has sent invoice. If payment is not made by the specified due date, this may induce additional collection costs, including interest and late fees. Late payments accrue interests from the due date of 2% per month started. NPS.Today is entitled to disable the Customer’s access if payment is not met in time.

3.3 Subscriptions
If the Customer chooses to upgrade to another subscription or buy additional options to the subscription, the Customer shall pay prior to the initiated subscription period of 12 months.

3.4 Subscription period
Unless the Customer terminates their subscription with 1 month’s notice before the expiration of the subscription period in writing, the Customer’s subscription is automatically renewed for a new 12-month period from the end of the respective subscription period. The renewal will be on the basis of the prices and terms and conditions at the time of renewal.
If the Customer breaches the terms and conditions or corporation, NPS.Today is entitled to terminate or cancel the subscription immediately.

3.5 The Customer’s identity
It is the Customer’s responsibility to inform NPS.Today about any changes of: address, phone number, e-mail address, or other information, which may be associated with the account or is relevant for payment with more.

3.6 Other
Additional costs to the Customer (installation, support, training, with more) are not included in the price.

4. Responsibility

4.1 Limitation of liability
Access to NPS.Today’s software continuously develops and access to the software is provided, as presented and without guaranties. NPS.Today accept no liability for programming errors and server crashes.

NPS.Today cannot be held liable for direct or indirect losses that have occurred in connection with the use of NPS.Today’s software. NPS.Today is furthermore not responsible for hacker attacks, viruses, or other kinds of force majeure. It is the Customer’s responsibility to take local backups according to the Customer’s needs.

NPS.Today disclaim product liability to the extent possible.
Liability for the Customer cannot exceed the last 12 months invoiced amount from NPS.Today. Neither the Customer nor NPS.Today can be regarded as responsible for the other party in respect to matters that are beyond the parties’ control.

NPS.Today is not responsible for the accuracy of the information presented by NPS.Today, which is from a third party source.

5. Privacy 

All data entered in NPS.Today’s software is fully private and not accessible to third parties. The knowledge, which the parties acquire about each other, as a result of this corporation, should be treated with strict privacy.

6. Confidentiality 

The parties and their employees are obliged to keep all information and knowledge about the other party or other conditions that the parties might be familiar with in connection with the conclusion of the agreement confidential. The parties’ confidentiality is unlimited by time.

7. Governing law and jurisdiction

Terms and conditions of the agreement is subject to Danish law. Disputes shall be settled by Copenhagen City Court of first instance.