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28th october 2020, Industriens hus



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Join us for this year’s largest NPS workshop and get dressed to put your customer loyalty program in full operation.

2020 is the year when companies are challenged on the basis of their existence. The difference between bankruptcy or survival depends to a large extent on the individual customer’s loyalty to the company. Net Promoter Score is the most effective method for measuring, understanding and acting on customer loyalty – or lack thereof.

But it is not enough to talk about NPS as a theoretical concept or as something we can tick because we measure it a couple of times a year. If NPS is to be taken seriously as a survival parameter and management tool for customer loyalty in times of financial uncertainty, we must have made the loyalty program fully operational.

We have the pleasure, in collaboration with DI-Handel, to welcome you to this year’s largest workshop for Net Promoter Score, on October 28 at Industriens Hus

And here’s what the workshop offers: Get sparring on your concrete challenges by some of the leading experts in Denmark. Find inspiration in cases and stories from other companies that have success with NPS at various levels of maturity. Get specific advice on how to get the customer loyalty work operational. We save you from empty platitudes and long presentations on nothing and instead focus on current action and specific cases.
The presentation will address both new and experienced NPS players. We put together the day with several tracks so you can customize the program to your unique needs.

What do you get out of attend to Denmark’s largest NPS workshop?

By attending NPS Summit 2020, you are given the recipe for how to establish and operate an operational customer loyalty program based on NPS.

We show you how to use NPS results into corrective actions to systematically optimize your business.

You go home with a clear picture of how to make NPS part of your business model and something that all employees can see the value of and support.

If you’re curious about what the participants said at last year’s Summit, you can see their reactions to the video on the right.


Meet the experts

During the day, some of the leading NPS experts give you the latest knowledge and best practice in the field. If you want to setup a meeting with one of the experts, you can book an appointment in the expert lounge when you sign up for the event (first come, first served).

Meet the partners

NPS is so much more than technology. NPS is so much more than technology. At NPS Summit 2020, you can see, among other things, how NPS is integrated into the leading CRM systems and you can meet those who know how to successfully implement a customer loyalty solution.


NPS Summit 2020 addresses to both new and experienced NPS users The day is for those who work and are interested in customer satisfaction and loyalty. You are probably CMO, CSO, CEO, COO or have a role in CX, business development or business excellence.


Tickets for NPS Summit 2020 cost 1500, – excl. VAT. Everyone who subscribes to our newsletter will be offered an early bird price of 1200, – excl. VAT.



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