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Ignite your loyalty program

NPS.Today is your plug-and-play customer experience platform that simplifies igniting your loyalty program without a major IT-project. We make it easy to implement experience campaigns across the entire customer journey.. Our solution supports all relevant channels of communication so that you can measure customer experiences in relevant touchpoints and transactions. With automated measurements from your current IT system, dashboard designs for data understanding and notifications to let you know when you should follow-up on responses – NPS.Today is the most operational customer loyalty solution.

The foundation for your loyalty program 

With NPS.Today, you create the foundation for the loyalty program of your entire organization. Measure across all channels and touchpoints, create an overview of the full customer experience and automate via integration with all customer engagement systems.

branded campaigns

Get easily launched with templates and guides for campaigns and processes.

simple set-up

Get launched with prepared templates for campaigns and processes.

NPS and additional quations

Availability of additional questions for increased customer insights.

More than 20 languages

Language variations secure consistent measurements on an international scale.

admin & live-dashboards

Dashboards and integration or fully developed App’s for your preferred BI system (incl. PowerBI).

omnichannel measuring

Measure across the customer journey in all relevant channels, including your own digital channels, QR-codes, in-app or custom-solutions

Categorizaion for your analysis

Categorize responses to understand where to improve and what actions to take.


Included in all subscriptions for successful implementation and adoption.

Full automation

360 degrees automation with plug-ins to your preferred IT-systems.


NPS integrated into your daily IT-working tools, incl. Office 365, Outlook and Teams.


Set alarms for when to interact and follow up on selected respondents.

anti spam (throttling)

With throttling and doublet handling you can easily make sure that the receivers are never sent more measurements than you wish.

Simple management of campaigns

Design personal NPS campaign-templates in your own design. We have simplified the set-up, so that you can get started right away.

Set-up your campaigns across channels and connect them to selected touchpoints, transactions, products, processes or projects.

This solution is easy to use both in set-up and in the following handling of your campaigns.


See the NPS  of your customer directly in Outlook
Incorporate NPS in your e-mails
View NPS on the contact person
Supported by mobile app

Campaigns across all channels

With the help of NPS.Today you can measure costumer experiences in all your relevant channels of communication You can measure with traditional e-mail or texts.

Furthermore, you can include your surveys in channels where you already interact with your customers, such as website, web shops, newsletters or through systemic e-mails.

omnichannel measuring


Send surveys by e-mail in a design adapted to your brand or organization.


Retrieve your costumers’ and users’ experience via NPS Pop-up on your website, your web shop or in your app.


Integrate surveys directly into your costumer-apps.


Incorporate NPS in your product-packaging, brochures or other press material.


Send surveys via texts messages both in Denmark and abroad.

On location

NPS on a tablet enables surveys via survey-stands and during personal interviews.


Integrate your surveys into your newsletter, on your website or into another digital form of communication.

custom solutions

We are always ready to take on a challenge! Whether you want NPS via smoke signals or homing pigeons, we are ready to help.

Want to see how it works?

We have gathered a selection of surveys across possible channels. Give it a go!



see a survey

see a qr-code

DASHBOARDS gives you an overview

Via dashboards it is easy to obtain an overview and navigate between your campaigns.


With real-time updates, the admin-dashboard gives you an overview of all the organizations’ campaigns.


Live dashboards grant an easy overview for you and your colleagues, for one or several campaigns. You decide which campaigns each dashboard will display. Live dashboards are easily shareable, both internally in the organization, as well as externally. They are suitable for information screens with adaptable content for each department.

Dashboards in PowerBI

Combine responses with your own organization’s additional data. We offer you your own Microsoft PowerBI dashboard solution file that you are able to add additional metrics to.


Rigtig integration til jeres IT-systemer er afgørende for et operationelt, effektivt og succesfuldt customer experience program. Med NPS.Today får du den bedst tænkelige integration, bl.a. med en unik NPS Add-in til Office 365 og Outlook, native plug-in løsninger til alle de største CRM systemer og integration til alle dine kundesystemer, på tværs af kunderejsen.

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