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No NPS.Today clients should buy something they do not need. We think in long-term solutions and are not afraid to start small.
If our standard-solutions does not fit your needs, we will tailor a Custom-solution that will.
We also offer favorable packages for startups, small businesses and NGO’s.

All prices are ex. vat.

package CONTENT


The number of measurements or notifications from NPS.Today, as well as replies form additional channels such as in-store stands, QR-codes, embedded measurements or pop-ups on websites.

Licenses (business units)

Number of separate companies / subsidiaries (unique CVR numbers) and areas where separate licenses are required, including for eNPS.


The number of employees/users that will start and administrate campaigns in NPS.Today.

More SMS surveys

The number of SMS survey and notifications.

NPS coach

Assistance in the subscription period for regular usage, initiation of campaigns, categorization, alarms, expansion for further measurements and general best-practice.

Survey channels

The number of additional channels you want to measure through, e.g. website pop-ups, In-app, QR-code, In-store stands or embedded NPS.

Outlook clients

The number of employees/users that will work with NPS in Outlook.

SMS modules

A service for measurement release via SMS will be available.

API modul

Integration to other systems and dataflow between systems, for example PowerBI, Office 365, Teams or Zapier.


Plug-in for relevant CRM or customer service systems. View separate description of functionality for each individual system under the integration


NPS-App for PowerBI with the opportunity for fast searching and analysis of NPS-results. Is freely accessible for further development. Requires API/Flow Module.

DO YOU NEED A customized package?

If you have the need to measure in a large scale, you are welcome to contact NPS.Today. We are happy to tailor a competitive program adapted to your needs for a large volume with an adequate discount.

If you have the need for text message measurements in a large scale, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you with the pricing.