Jyllands-Posten, one of the leading suppliers of quality journalism in Denmark, both in printed version and digitally, as many other Danish and international organizations want to have a deeper understanding of their target group.
Knowledge and insights are essential when wanting to increase loyalty and maintaining customers be working with the individual customer’s experience. . Jyllands-Posten can now do so with the help of Net Promoter Score (NPS).
NPS.Today has taken a chat with Iben Høiaas Jeppesen, customer development manager at Jyllands-Posten, about why they have chosen to use Net Promoter Score to survey customer satisfaction and create a dialogue with both new and existing customers. With NPS, Jyllands-Posten has gained a deeper understanding of the satisfaction surveyed on all customers but also the satisfaction for the individual customer.

And lies a tremendous amount of insights to improve products and communication with the customers. It creates strong and loyal relations.
Iben Høiaas Jeppesen tells that earlier they have worked the with Net Promoter Score method but not in a way that was flexible and operational in regard to the individual customer.

“We wanted an operational NPS solution with the possibility of working with the individual customer. We can do that now.” We can do that now.”


“We started out making our own NPS surveys, but the problem was that we posted them as anonymous surveys. In doing so, we could not help the customers actively based on their responses because we, off course, did not know who responded what.
Therefore, we could not use the surveys to help each individual customer. Using NPS.Today it has become easier. With the help from them, I can now work with live data without having to involve our analysis department and wait for a report. This secures agility, flexibility and freedom.
The old method did not provide us with the opportunity to gather responses based on different customer groups and we could not act on it. Now, we can ongoingly post campaigns and survey small deviations that might happen with our product, communication or technique that both customers and our selves want to adjust. Every week we ask all new customers, together with a sampling from our customer base, if they would recommend Jyllands-Posten.”


“In September 2018 we started to survey NPS and it did not take long before posting the first campaigns and receiving feedback. That is what is so positive about this system. . It is simple to use, and the employees can quickly integrate it into their work.
Every time we post a campaign, the NPS.Today platform sends an alarm to our customer service system whenever a low score is being given. Then our customer service employees know which customers we should contact by phone.
We call within a couple of days after we have the campaign and NPS is therefore a great method for reacting quickly on a customer that experiences challenges.
When starting up, we had slight challenges with our data but because an NPS coach is included with NPS.Today, it helped us to recover quickly and move on in the process.”


“We send the NPS questions to both our customer base and to our new customers that has just subscribed to the newspaper. We want to create great experiences for both groups but completely different challenges and wishes can occur in the two groups. By dividing the customers in these categories, we can adjust ongoingly so that all customers are satisfied.
And that all our customers are satisfied is something that we take very seriously. All in all we make sure that we listen and act on the issues that the customers tells us about.”


“Of those who respond to the NPS question it is about 70% who choose to write why they recommend or do not recommend Jyllands-Posten to others. We are insanely proud of that response rate which shows a great commitment from our customers. The customers are thereby recognized in that we listen to their responses and use them actively.
The dialogue itself, that we engage based on an NPS survey, provides us with a more thorough knowledge about the business areas where we are already performing well as well as the business areas where we should improve. Most customers are happy that we call them, and others do not wish to talk to us and naturally we respect that.”


“The dialogues that we are now having with our customers typically revolves around that they are happy about the content and would like to more of that, as well as the challenges they might have finding specific content. By contacting them, we can now help them to find the subjects and the content that they are most interested in, and the customers really value that help.
Talking human to human is something special and our data thereby gets its own real voice which makes it more relatable and easier to act on.

With the solution from NPS.Today the customers respond to, what the reason is that they do not rate a high score and the responses we receive in return provide us with a completely accurate picture on where and what we should change to increase loyalty.

With the NPS method we can continuously keep up to date with requested subjects and content so that we can supply relevant products, events and much more to the customers.
The next natural step for us is that we are now having touchpoints surveys set up and thereby create an even better customer experience by optimizing the whole customer life cycle.
We want to make a difference for our customers and the Net Promoter Score method helps us a lot in doing so.”


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