Sara Vinding, Operations Director at Moment A/S, has been along since the start when they in 2010 decided to implement Net Promoter Score in the Copenhagen-based recruitment agency. Moment thereby became one of the front-runners in Denmark in using the American method, that surveys the customers loyalty with just two questions.

In 2010 NPS became part of Moment’s vision when they knew that the likelihood that the organization would grow, was proportionally with their customers loyalty.

“We just didn’t know how loyal our customers really were”, Sara Vinding tells and continuous: “At that time we made improvements based on assumptions and not knowledge. In the beginning we were sceptical about leaving the customer survey to just two questions, because with NPS we could not control what questions we asked the customers – and were we even ready for the answers they had?”

Sara Vinding quickly adds: “It quickly turned out that my scepticism was unnecessary and that the input that came from the customers gave us a brilliant picture of how to meet their demands.”


In the first three years Moment worked with the NPS method themselves but in 2015 they started using NPS.Today as their supplier. “Their platform is incredibly easy and intuitive, so both our time and overview were optimized with that solution”, Sara Vinding says and adds:

“We definitely cut down out time consumption by 50% and now had access to data immediately and directly in our CRM system which meant that we also acted right away”.

Now, eight years after the implementation of NPS, all Moment’s customers are answering the NPS question twice a year about how likely they are to recommend Moment to others and the score has gone up from 26 to 52 on a 100-point scale.
They are off course proud of that NPS score at Moment, who rates significantly higher that the competitors, but it is especially the customer’s comments that provides great opportunities for action.

“We can act on the right things and we can allow ourselves to engage in a dialogue with the customers.” Sara Vinding says.


The customers’ responses and the following dialogue has led to many specific actions at Moment which have all had the intention of making the customer experience better.

“We have, among other things, made our invoices more manageable, improved our schedule and changed our opening hours. We have even included customers in workshops to discuss possible solutions.”

Internally, specific actions have also been conducted based on the NPS work that Moment has done. “Consultants and sales have improved their collaboration and now have a better understanding of the work that each department does, then they had before. This has resulted in a better deliverance experience”.
And then NPS is a fantastic management tool”, Sara Vinding sys and finishes:

“Now we can prioritize focused and act quicker as we have the customers opinion on paper.”

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