• Website


    Embed or pop-up surveys on your website and landing pages to collect feedback on how to improve your offerings and content. Pick-up contact data and permissions from new visitors.

  • Newsletter

    Embed surveys in your newsletters to get feedback on news and content. Ask additional questions to learn more on prospects’ and customers’ needs and buying preferences. Trigger outbound activities based on responses.

  • Events


    Get feedback from non-registred event visitors with QR codes or survey iPad stands. Send surveys to registred participants. Trigger marketing automation actions based on feedback. Feed sales with hot leads from positive responses.

  • Members Club

    Ask your club members with in-app surveys or by SMS or e-mail how you can improve your loyalty club. Identify detractors and potential churners and take proactive actions.

  • Relational NPS

    Relational NPS

    Ask your customers if they would recommend your company, based on their complete experience. Identify detractors, passives, and promoters and find out what you are doing right and what you should change to improve relations.

  • Brand NPS

    Ask all your relations if they will recommend your brand. Identify where your brand is strong and weak and how you can improve your brand’s recognition in the market.