What difference does operational NPS do to an organization with an already large focus on good customer experiences?

Via NPS.Today, eurodan-huse has systemized the surveys of customer satisfaction. Through 11 surveys spread out on the customer journey, in just a short time they have reached great insight in what the succeed in where they can improve the customer experience. And the customers are not fed up with the large number of surveys.

“NPS is a simple set-up with one question and one comment that the customer can respond to whenever it fits them, on email or by phone. It takes about 30 seconds and does not disturb the customer unnecessarily. That we at Eurodan Huse take action on the customer’s feedback shows that we value their response and take them seriously. If a bad review hits us, we normally contact them within 24 hours. We experience that it has a positive effect on the customer satisfaction and the response rate because the customer experiences that we actually read their responses.” Rasmus Dahl, CEO

With the implementation of NPS.Today, Eurodan Huse has had the customer satisfaction integrated across the entire organization. From the board to each department. Via live screens with live updates, the NPS surveys are visualized and they become part of the employee’s everyday work life. This effort is supported by a structured segmentation of the incoming responses so what the employees see is relevant for them and their department.

“It is an amazing tool to engage in dialogue with the customer. If a customer has a low NPS score it is not by incident. The vast amount of responses has removed the statistical insecurity from the surveys so that it is not just one employee that is assigned to all the unsatisfied customers, but that here is enough data to show a truthful picture.” Rasmus Dahl, CEO

The introduction of NPS.Today has helped Eurodan huse improving the relationship between customer end employee and shown areas where the dialogue could be improved. Several times the surveys have surprised the employees and shown that what, in their views was a good dialogue, was not perceived in the same way by the customer. The NPS surveys has done more than just improve the relation between Eurodan Huse and their customers. They have also granted the managers a better insight in their own employees.

“If an employee has applied for a new job, and has gotten it, it is truly noticeable in the surveys that the employee has received from their customers. In the period leading up to the job change, the score falls. This goes for employee stress as well which is also clearly reflected in the score. This is why we are currently developing that each manager has to increase their attention to the developments in the surveys from each employee. This way we can take care of the customers and their experiences but also take care about the employee’s lack of thrive on the workplace. This correlation has surprised us a lot.” Rasmus Dahl, CEO

If he has to point out one thing that has made the biggest improvement for Eurodan Huse, Rasmus Dahl does not hesitate to say:

“It has shown us the importance of, that it is us who are controlling the communication with the customers, instead of the opposite where they have to seek a dialogue with us themselves.

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