• Order

    Get feedback on your webshop or order process. Embed or pop-up survey after check-out or send an e-mail or SMS with a delay. Automate proactive actions and turn bad experiences into good experiences.

  • Delivery


    Add QR codes for feedback on the delivery note, on the packaging or on the product itself. Send an e-mail to check the complete process or if the delivery was successful. Add easy instructions for customers with bad experiences.

  • Installation

    Send an SMS or e-mail to check the quality of your product installation process. Add QR codes on products and alarms for proactive actions to correct failed installations or other errors.

  • Onboarding


    Check up on satisfaction during or after customer onboarding. Make it easy to share feedback for anybody receiving services, education, etc. Transform your customer onboarding based on facts.

  • Usage

    Embed or pop-up surveys in your software to get feedback during normal usage or after updates or new feature introductions. Add QR codes to your physical products to make it easy for users to share product experiences.

  • Projects


    Pick up bad experiences early in project processes and along milestones and take proactive actions, before problems grow and escalate into costly extra deliveries or credit notes.

  • Product NPS

    Get feedback on your product, usage, and services when customers have experienced it for a while. Add real facts to your product development decisions.

  • Errors


    Add a pop-up or QR code to your products to make it easy for users to report failures and errors. Add alarms to the right team or people to ensure fast responses.