• NPS for Marketing & Loyalty

    Marketing is often handling the yearly customer survey. Usually, with many questions, you like answers to. Consider asking fewer and more open questions in the customer touchpoints instead and let customers share what is important to them. Get feedback on the quality of your marketing initiatives. Separate your loyalty survey from other customer experiences to get a fair presentation of detractors, passives, and promoters.

  • NPS for Sales & CRM

    NPS for Sales & CRM

    Only a few organizations have learned that customer experience surveys can be a strong tool in the sales process. Salespeople can find it hard to connect or get honest feedback in the sales process. Surveys in the sales process are a new and “free” extra touchpoint and a great sanity check on how you are doing. And imagine if you had it all right there in your CRM system.

  • NPS for Delivery & Product

    No matter if your delivery is about delivering a physical product to your customer, installing a device, doing a service, or implementing a solution you should monitor, or if the delivery is or was satisfying for the customer. Identify challenges early in a project and get it back on track. Understand what your customers love about your products and where you need improvements.

  • NPS for Service & Contact Center

    NPS for Service & Contact Center

    More leaders understand that controlling employees and agents in service and contact centers with a stopwatch and KPIs will compromise customer satisfaction. Measuring the employees on their behavior and customer satisfaction will increase business and help you keep your customers longer. Add P-GAP to your agent training to improve customer understanding.