• Instore


    Collect feedback from physical store visits on iPad stands in the shop or with QR codes in-store or on receipts so the customer can respond after they left the store. Share great experiences with your store employees and find out who needs education and what you can improve in the store.

  • Meetings

    Send out surveys automatically after any kind of meetings with both prospects and customers. Figure out if meetings are effective or need improvements. Use meeting feedback operationally to follow up and qualify which opportunities to pursue.

  • Quotes


    Use surveys after quotes as a free sales touchpoint to adjust your proposals based on honest and objective feedback. Follow up and base probability for sale on real facts.

  • Webshop

    Pop-up or embed Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys to get feedback on webshop user-friendliness. Add CSAT or NPS surveys to get feedback on content and products. Pop-up surveys on abandon charts or other customer behavior and transactions. Pick up contact data and permissions from non-logged-in visitors

  • Contact Center

    Contact Center

    Survey prospects and customers after contact by phone, e-mail, chat, portal, etc. Get feedback on your service, and check if questions are answered or problems are resolved. Identify sales employees with a need for coaching and general education and add P-GAP to include customer understanding and emphaty training based on real facts

  • Orders

    Check in with new and existing customers after completing the order. Make sure the customer is happy with the process and result. Take proactive actions to fix problems, even before the delivery is completed

  • Pipeline & Forecast

    Pipeline & Forecast

    Make surveys part of your Pipeline and forecast process. Add facts from prospects and customers. Optimize your process and find out how likely they are to buy. Decide which deals you need to pursue or cancel. In this way, you can keep your pipeline clean from unrealistic hopeful business, based on real feedback.