The salespeople are better dressed for meetings, dissatisfied customers are no longer lost on the floor, and knowledge sharing across countries has been
strengthened with measurements and feedback from customers.

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Air Greenland

Unforeseen events are part of an airline’s operations, but dissatisfied customers don’t have to be. Air Greenland has created a direct line to customers to ensure high quality in all interactions and to be at the forefront of developments in the market.

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whiteaway group

whiteaway is deeply committed to the delivery of excellent customer experiences. So much so that the company has made it a virtue to measure, analyze, and – if necessary – act upon each customer interaction.

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The implementation of P-GAP was a challenging eye-opener for the telecommunications group Norlys Digital. And a key tool in the work of improving the customer experience and creating a uniform culture. Read how Norlys Digital operationally uses for customer service.

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In 2010, NPS became part of Moment’s vision when it was known that the likelihood of the company growing would increase with customer loyalty.

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Aarhus Municipality

In Aarhus Municipality, citizen feedback has been completely increased. As the first municipality in the country, Aarhus Municipality now listens to the citizen’s voice via BIS (Citizen Image Score), a development of NPS for the public sector.

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Audika creates customer loyalty

Audika works tactically with NPS through weekly follow-up from district and sales managers locally in the regions.

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Via, eurodan-huse has systemized the surveys of customer satisfaction.

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EGN wanted more specific insight in why some members left the network and thereafter what actions could be made to keep the members for longer.

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The Danish Chamber of Commerce

Dansk Erhverv uses NPS not only for overall satisfaction surveys, but also as a tool for dialogue.

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ComplyCloud for Salesforce was the starting point for ComplyCloud’s work to automate and improve the customer journey.

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Survey fatigue and how to avoid it

Exploring survey fatigue: the hidden obstacle in gathering genuine feedback and the strategies to overcome it.

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Citizen Image Score (BIS)

Citizen Image Score (BIS) is a further development of NPS and P-GAP that can be used for measurements in the public sector.

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10 good reasons for listening to your customers

Our clients know all there is to know about the importance of listening to their customers and, yet, how hard this may be. This is why they collaborate with us towards systematising customer measures and feedback.

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How to prepare your employees for dialogue

When customer satisfaction is in the hands of your employees, it’s important that you prepare them well. An increasing number of companies use measurements and feedback from customers as a dialogue tool. This enhances the employees’ commitment and contact with the customer.

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Why you should care about Customer Lifetime Value

What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)? And why does it matter? In our guide, you’ll learn more about understanding and succeeding with CLV.

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Here’s what you should know about customer satisfaction

What is customer satisfaction? And how do you measure it? Learn more about getting the full picture of customer satisfaction in our guide.

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The best tips for acting on customer feedback, from CX-experts

Get the best tips to turn measurements into concrete, value-creating actions, under the expert guidance of the leading experts in the field.

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Do the good customer satisfaction survey

Satisfied customers are paramount to running a healthy business. High customer satisfaction results in loyal customers who act as good ambassadors, but also provide you and your organization with valuable knowledge. At, we know everything about how to put together, carry out and evaluate a good satisfaction survey. Read more here.

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Get more satisfied customers for your business

The most important part of your business is your customers. Without them, you have no one to sell your products to, and it can hardly be underestimated how important satisfied customers are to whether you get more customers. Learn about the importance of customer satisfaction and how to attract more satisfied customers with

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All about the great customer experience

The good customer experience is when a customer has had a positive overall experience with an organization or company. It is an advantage to invest in giving customers positive experiences, because studies show that this leads to loyal, returning customers and thus increased earnings.

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The keyword to customer surveys is single

Do customers not respond to the annual survey? And is it a challenge to compare the answers across the company and translate them into concrete action? With one scale and one question, you make it easier for both you and your customers to make customer surveys.

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NPS for customer service is not a religion – but…

By using NPS measurements in customer centers and customer service, customers’ experiences become visible to service employees, who can act proactively. Get really sharp on why NPS is the ultimate tool for customer service.

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Get the most out of your NPS measurements

It is not difficult to send a NPS measurement in an email to a customer. But one thing is to collect answers, quite another is to optimize the way you measure so that the Net Promoter Score creates value for both company, customer and employee.

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Best advice for operational CX with NPS

We have put together a number of tips to improve the customer experience. With an NPS-based loyalty program, it is possible to reap input from customers.

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P-GAP – mind the gap

P-GAP calculates the difference between the customer’s and the employee’s experience in a given situation and generates a report with the result.

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The best way to measure NPS

It has to be clear that the fundamental point of departure is that an NPS measurement has to stand alone to have the best possibilities of succeeding. If it has to be effective and have an operation character too, the surveys have to be conducted drip by drip so that the follow up can be timed appropriately.

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Content marketing and customer loyalty

It is often in the marketing department of the company, that production and distribution of content occur. But even though a lot of content is produced, you should still look it over and ask the question: Is our content creating value for our customers, and does it create customer loyalty?

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Dear CFO – Have you measured your customer loyalty?

Have you figured out how it can pay off that you, as the CFO, are getting involved in the activities about loyalty and customer satisfaction in your organization, and thereby create a stronger bottom line for your company?

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Good customer relations

The customers must not only be satisfied – they must be extraordinarily satisfied.

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The customer as a strategic area of focus

Is customer focus a natural part of your business strategy? If not, you might want to reconsider your strategic focus areas.

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What is NPS?

Net Promoter Score kaldes også ”Det ultimative spørgsmål” fordi du kun stiller dine kunder et spørgsmål.

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