The best tips for acting on customer feedback, from CX-experts

Read the best tips from the following experts

  • Jacob Opstrup

    Jacob Opstrup

    How to use conversation analysis to improve customer satisfaction

  • Per Østergaard Jacobsen

    Per Østergaard Jacobsen

    Do you measure the right things, and do you measure it properly?

  • Kent Bredahl

    Kent Bredahl

    Closed Loop is the way to high customer loyalty

  • Ian Wisler-Poulsen

    Ian Wisler-Poulsen

    The company should celebrate their success – 10’s experiences

  • Klaus Lund

    Klaus Lund

    Introduce a common language for when you meet the customers

  • Stine Ringvig Marsel

    Stine Ringvig Marsel

    You have to understand the employee as well as the customer