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Ignite your customer loyalty

Turn on your customer experience radar and keep it turned on. Make your loyalty program simple and effective with NPS.

Get real-time customer feedback for improved customer interaction and customer experience transformation.

Plug your radar into your existing customer systems to make your solution fully operational across your organization and customer life cycle.

Why NPS works so well

Plug-in and get started today

NPS.Today is your turnkey NPS-engine. Drive your entire customer loyalty program in one ready-to-use solution.

Easily measure customer experience in multiple channels and transactions with the most effective solution on the market.

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Integrated and operationel NPS

Plug your loyalty engine into existing customer systems to ignite your program.

  • Trigger your surveys with relevant timing
  • Make results visible for all employees
  • Automate the right customer actions

The CRM system is where employees look up and engage with customers. Adding NPS here will have huge impact on proactive customer experience management.

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Succeed with your NPS coach

Ignite your program and get started successfully today with help from your dedicated NPS Coach. We provide:

  • Best practises
  • How-to guides and advise
  • Campaign support
  • Inspiration to expand your program
  • Maximum value

Why NPS.Today

  • Our customers love us   –   our NPS score is 85
  • 100% NPS based platform   –   Best of Breed and effective
  • “Ready-to-go” cloud solution   –   get started today
  • Connected to your customer systems   –   operational and automated
  • NPS Coach advisory and support   –   move fast with best practise
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