Easy Campaign Management

Create branded and personalized NPS-campaign templates in seconds.

Easily create new campaigns for specific channels, touchpoints, products, processes, projects etc.

Handle and monitor multiple campaigns from one easy-to-use solution.

“It is so easy, that I could be doing it blindfolded”.
Tina Heinze, EGN Denmark
Why NPS works so well

Multichannel Surveys

Measure NPS in all your touchpoints and transactions across customer engagement and life cycle:

  • Email and SMS
  • Website, E-commerce, newsletter
  • In applications and in-app
  • On physical items and products
  • Interview and print
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Monitor and understand feedback

Make feedback easy to understand in real-time:

  • Categorize answers to better identify gaps in customer experience
  • Prioritize business drivers for transformation
  • Monitor single or multiple campaigns in live dashboards

Actions based on customer feedback

Set-up rules and alarms for prioritized follow up actions based on customer feedback and data:

  • Easy point and click rules to send feedback notifications to employees, teams etc.
  • Advanced rules and follow up actions created and completed in your CRM-system

Easy and prebuilt integration

Integration to your customer systems is essential for a real operational and effective loyalty program. NPS.Today provides both rich integration and full plug-in or add-on solutions:

  • Prebuild powerful NPS Plug-in solutions for leading customer systems
  • Connect to any other system with NPS.Today’s Open API
  • Create dataflows across systems with Microsoft Office 365 Flow
  • Use NPS.Today Webhooks for easy automation
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More insights with Power Dashboards

Interactive dashboards ready to deep dive into customer feedback:

  1. Plug-and-play web access interactive dashboards (No BI system or license required)
  2. Or get your own Microsoft Power BI dashboard solution file you can extend and configure

Your success is our success