An NPS folder in the hand was in four months turned into a fully implemented survey campaigns of the members in the 46 SATS gyms.

There is no doubt that Julie Fick and Christopher Gude have had a busy fall. Together with their colleagues in SATS’ main office in Parke, NPS.Today and the external advisor CUORI, they have implemented Net Promoter Score in all of their 46 gyms in just four months.
This now enables the fitness chain to ongoingly optimize, not based on their own assumptions, but based on the members feedback.

“It is a lot cooler than previously! It is easier to approach and provides specific answers,” Julie Fick, who is responsible for the NPS program at SATS, says

“We were in the same situation as many other organizations. We gave our customers surveys to respond but they contained at least 20 questions. This yielded a very low response rate. Today, nobody bothers to answer that many questions.”, says Julie Fick. “Also, the data that we received was unmanageable. It proved difficult to use it structured especially for our Gym Managers in the gyms”, Christopher Gude, who is Business Analysist at the fitness chain, adds


The former COO had experience with Net Promoter Score from a previous organization which became decisive in selecting to test the method.
They thereby chose to listen to the recommendation from a colleague, which is also the foundation in the NPS method. It does exactly that, to provide insights about if the customers are so loyal that they will recommend the organization to others.

“We ongoingly assessed the method during a four weeks pilot project and could see how simple it was for our members to respond to the NPS question. During the pilot we were guided by the external advisor CUORI who taught in both the method and the following dialogue.” says Julie Fick and continues: “It was very valuable especially to our Gym Managers. They were given the insights into how communicate with an unsatisfied member in the best possible way. The also learned how the situation can be turned upside down and be a catalyst for dialogue. Our pilot project was so efficient that we chose to go all-in and actually took over 100% afterwards.”


In the gym business customer churn is a big challenge and at SATS they have a clear target of lowering it.

“Especially the open question, where the members have the opportunity to put words on their score, opened our eyes to things that we would never have predicted or caught with the former survey”, says Christopher Gude and Julie Fick adds: “It is tremendous learning to when we open up new gyms!”

All members are surveyed twice a year and all Gym Managers have a weekly dedicated time slot to follow up on the results and reach out to the members by phone.

“It does not hurt if things are transparent”, says Julie Fick.


The whole survey has become easy and transparent with the cloud based NPS platform delivered by NPS.Today. Gym Managers update directly into the system whenever they have been in contact with a customer. This way, one can also keep up from the main office and in all the other gyms.

“The platform is super user-friendly! In just about one and a half hour a new Gym Manager can be suited to handle both the systems and our follow up procedure”, says Julie Fick.

Actually, they are so happy about the NPS method at SATS, and the results they have already achieved in some gyms, that they from this April are starting an NPS ambassador group that consists of a number of dedicated Gym Managers.

“The purpose with the group is that the NPS ambassadors should be contributing to highlight the advantages of NPS even more and help other gyms to gain the most from the method. We are looking forward to that”, Julie Fick finishes with a smile.

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