A leaflet about NPS turned into a fully implemented measuring program of the customers in all of SATS’s 46 fitness centres in just 4 months.

There is no doubt that Julie Fick and Christopher Gude’s have been busy.

They have in together with their colleagues at SATS’s headquarters in Copenhagen, NPS.Today and CUORI implemented Net Promoter Score in all 46 fitness centres in just 4 months.


This has made it possible for SATS to optimize, not based on assumptions, but through rich customer feedback.

>> It’s much more thorough than previously! It’s so much easier to approach, and the answers we get are straight to the point.”

“We were in the same situation as so many other companies. We sent out surveys to our customers, but it consisted of at least 20 questions which meant that our response rate was very low. Nobody can be bothered to answer that many questions nowadays” says Julie Fick who is responsible for the NPS-program at SATS.

“On top of that, the data from the previous surveys was difficult to interpret, analyse and use systematically, especially for our Centre Managers working in the centres” adds Business Analyst Christopher Gude.

COO with NPS experience

The COO at the time of the implementation at SATS had experience from other companies using Net Promoter Score successfully. This had a major influence on the decision to test the methodology.

This is exactly what the NPS methodology is all about, the likelihood that the customers will recommend your company to others. And this was what SATS did, listened to a recommendation from a colleague and started testing.

“We assessed the methodology continuously over a 4-week trial period and it became obvious how simple it was for our customers to participate. During the trial, we were guided by the external consultancy CUORI who was responsible for educating in both the methodology and conversational skills,” says Julie Fick and continues:

“It was very valuable, especially for our Centre Managers, to gain such rich insight on how to communicate with a dissatisfied customer. How to turn the situation around and encourage further dialogue. Our pilot project was so successful that we decided to go all-in, and shortly after we were self-driven”.

It’s too expensive to lose a customer

In the fitness industry, customer churn is an enormous challenge and SATS has a clear goal to lower this number.

“The open-ended question is in particular very effective. It allows the customers to add a comment to their score, giving us information on things that we could never have thought of asking or predict”, Christopher Gude says, and Julie Fick continues:

“It’s incredibly useful learnings for when we open new fitness centres.”

All customers are asked twice yearly, and all Centre Managers have been dedicated weekly time to follow up on the results, where they contact the customers by phone.

>> ”It’s okay for things to be transparent.”

NPS Ambassador Group

The entire NPS-program is easy to use and transparent with the cloud-based NPS-platform, implemented by NPS.Today. Centre Managers can update directly in the system instantly after contacting a customer. This way, headquarters and all the other centres can also follow the progress and score.

“The platform is very user friendly. It takes one and a half hour for a new Centre Manager to be fully equipped to use the system and understand the follow-up procedures”, says Julie Fick.

Because of the results from the NPS-program SATS has decided to establish an NPS Ambassador Group consisting of a handful of engaged and dedicated Centre Managers.

“The purpose of the group is for the ambassadors to emphasize the benefits of NPS and help other centres do the same. We are very excited about this” Julie Fick says on a final note and smiles.

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