Which customers will be leaving soon?

And who is ready to buy more?

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                                              17th of September
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Get started with rating customer loyalty

Satisfaction and loyalty measurement can be made very technical, complicated and expensive. It can also be kept simple and effective. At this morning seminar you will gain insight into how you can simply spot and prevent customers from leaving you and how to spot the customers who are ready to buy something more.
We have designed this briefing for you who have not started with NPS yes or who are in the initial phase of implementation and are looking for inspiration.


8:45-09:00 Arrival and morning coffee
09:00 Welcome
09:10 How do you spot customers who are on their way away or want to buy more?
  • How do you spot the customers coming out?
  • How do you find those who want to buy more?
  • How do you measure loyalty and satisfaction?
  • Introduction to Net Promoter Score
  • Attention points before you start
    • What not to do!
09:50 Short break
  • How do you get started?
  • Basic loyalty planning
    • The first year
  • Case: How did Moment get started
10:00 Software solutions to make loyalty metrics operational
  • What to pay attention to when finding the right software
  • What do you get from using a clean NPS tool?
  • Introduction to NPS.Today – Demo and inspiration
11:00 Finish and possibility to ask quastions

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Loyal customers are the best and most profitable customers, both on your bottom line and to get a great extent also in your company’s marketing. Recommendations from your customers are the best and inexpensive marketing you can get

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