Native integration


Directly dive into selected responses and see what customers are actually saying. There is also an option to easily export all or selected responses to Excel for further analysis.


The company tab allows you to monitor and understand feedback at the company level. This feature helps in understanding how different customer types experience your company and monitor ratings across all contacts at the company level.

Sales and Service

Monitor how your sales and service teams are performing through dedicated tabs. This allows you to drill down into selected customer sales and service employee responses, helping you improve the sales and service experience. This data can be used to support, train, and educate your employees handling customer transactions.


Employees can get direct access to all ratings and feedback from customers where they are responsible. With a detailed overview of their own responses, employees can better understand their performance, identify what they are doing well, and find areas for improvement.


You can select survey campaigns of interest and other criteria such as the period of interest to compare multiple customers’ experiences over time, focusing on exactly that part of the customer journey.

Executive Overview

This dashboard provides a high-level and easy-to-understand overview of results, development, and trends, making it a preferred source of insights for many managers and executives. It is specifically tailored for decision-makers who need a succinct yet comprehensive view.

Digest Reports

Subscribe to your favorite customer experience and loyalty news as often as you wish. Receive a weekly executive overview directly in your inbox for a quick overview, and then dive directly into the dashboard and data for more in-depth insights.

AI Dashboards Soon to Come will soon release AI-based feedback comment analysis as a part of Power Dashboards. This new feature will allow you to find out what all customers are saying or focus on specific groups of customers like promoters, passives, and detractors.

Customize and Extend to Fit Your Specific Needs

Power Dashboards are offered on a one-time fee basis, and you receive the full APP file, allowing you to customize the dashboards in any way you need. It’s important to note that using Power Dashboards requires the API/Flow Module and a license for Microsoft Power BI.