Our loyalty partners

  • “Growth greatly comes from within” – GroSales helps find growth within the company’s internal focus – for a more selling customer journey. We focus on everything that runs and ensures the internal process, tool and activity that creates greater growth. And we help until it works:

  • Morten Schrøder from Wilke has worked with customer experience his whole life. He has more than 20 years of experience in building connections between the expectations of the customers and the products and services of the companies. Furthermore, he is an expert in designing processes in a way that makes NPS surveys useable.

  • Using McLoyal, you can gain deeper insights in how to concretely utilize NPS to increase earnings (ARPC), keep customers (Retention), and achieve the optimal output of sales and marketing investments (CAC).

  • The consulting company Klaus Lund & Partnere has more than 25 years of experience in customer focused management and practical customer orientation of. Klaus Lund helps companies optimize their customer journey.

  • In more than 15 years, Rikke Timm has worked in customer experience, sales, and marketing. Today, she helps companies grow through good customer experiences and loyal customers – including counseling and sparring about NPS, and not least making the knowledge from NPS surveys turn into concrete initiatives within the company, gaining more satisfied customers.

  • In more than 25 years, Jesper has helped over half of the 100 largest companies in Denmark creating lasting growth via developing and measuring of the customer loyalty. Formerly, Jesper was director at PA Consulting, where he was responsible for loyalty and customer strategy, including NPS.

  • CORTAL Group helps customers increase the value in the customer experience CX.
    We develop comprehensive insights in and understanding of the market demands, customer needs, as well as the ambition level regarding customer behavior, which internally controls the performance of the company, while increasing the employee engagement EX.

  • Maverick Consulting is a team of consultants working together to raise the bar of strategic consulting. They want to deliver a service, helping companies create value for their customers.

Our partners in technology

  • Amesto Solutions streamlines and automates business processes for their customers to achieve higher value creation. They are the largest Visma and SuperOffice partners of the north, and have specialist competencies in ERP, CRM, HRM, BI, AI, and Analytics.

  • Inspari is one of the most focused consultant and software houses within the business intelligence market. Based on many years of experience, they offer specialized knowledge in Performance Management and Microsoft based business intelligence solutions.

  • 4C is EMEAs largest independent Salesforce platinum partner, and one of the leading customer-oriented consulting companies in Belgium. Their mission is to contribute to a customer-driven society by building customer companies via Salesforce, data analysis, and company consulting.

  • ProActive strives to deliver flawless deliveries, where the focus stays on the basic business function of the solution, and their consultants are deeply engaged in your business and challenges.

  • Techdio is the only TIBCO Scribe partner in the north, who has the unique combination of Elite partnership and MVP. Collectively, they have more than 15 years of experience in integration to and from CRM. Together, they have completed more than 200 projects.

  • Capgemini is a leading global supplier of consulting, technology services, and digital transformation. The company is in front when it comes to innovation to be able to realize their customers potential within cloud, digital, and platforms.

  • Cloudhuset loves technology, and their mission is to help Danish companies get a larger yield from IT services, undertaken in the cloud. They deliver and implement cloud solutions, making their customers smile more.